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Putting France in a Box

A 6-pack of French Country Reds

Ah, France. No other single word conjures such acute imagery. The Eiffel Tower, Marcel Marceau, Roquefort cheese, a Baguette. And nowhere in the world does a country the size of Texas put forth such a magnicent array of wine—fruity Beaujolais, rich Bordeaux, refined Burgundy, powerful Rhône.

Putting France into a 6-pack box could be considered sacre bleu, but now and then you have to feel like you're getting away with something, eh? A Haul from Gaul, is six bottled treasures from the French back country—all ready to drink.

Price: $85.00       Savings: $11.50 (12%)

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From Italy with Love

A 6-pack of Italian Delights

Ciao Bella! Talk about Italy and you're talking about three things: Eating, Drinking, and Kissing. We've traveled Italy, doing those three things, and would like to propose a trip down memory lane for the next six nights.

Imagine a just-baked brick oven pizza, fresh vegetables, mozzarella cheese, or pasta puttanesca. Picture drinking down a juicy bottle of Barbera, Sangiovese, or Montepulciano with such a feast. And what better to cap it all off than a nice smooching session on the veranda?

Price: $85.00       Savings: $11.00 (11%)